Urgent – Call to Action

WMW_HI_Aloha_BannerAction Alert: Rally in Support of
Immigrants & Ending Bullying

The Women’s March – Hawai‘i is calling for a Rally at Campbell High School tomorrow (Friday, March 10) at 2:00 PM in support of immigrants and ending bullying. We are meeting at the corner of Fort Weaver Road & Aikanaka Road in Ewa Beach.

The rally is in response to a teacher at Campbell High School who took an email from the school’s councilor, that was meant to provide comfort and embracing immigrant students, and this teacher turned and used the email as a chance to threaten children of immigrants. The teacher declared that if any students were here illegally he would not teach them. – Hawaii News Now story

Educators should be helping students cope, not traumatizing them more!

Threatening school children is no way to discuss immigration reform. We also need to make sure that our schools are safe for all students and bullying comes in many forms.

So we are taking to the streets to send a message to the students of the Campbell High School and neighboring Ilima Intermediate that we will stand up for immigrants and we want an end to bullying!

We hope that you can make it and please share this post with your friends!

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